All EU citizens are allowed to buy properties in Bulgaria. All non- EU citizens need to form BG company for purpose of buying property. The right of ownership of real estate is transferred in the form of a Notary Deed. The notary deed is a type of contract which form and content are prescribed by law. It is executed by a Notary Public within whose region the real estate is located. As the notary is under obligation to check the identity of the parties, their capacity, the authority of the representatives and the good title of the transferor, also to make an investigation for any debts and ownership rights the process of execution of the notary deed offers considerable security.

Two ways to buy a property:

1). Arrange a visit to Bulgaria, view the property and if you want to proceed with the purchase a preliminary contract that protects the interests of both buyer and seller, will be drawn up after all necessary checks of the title deeds to ensure that the property has a valid freehold title. You will be required to be present in Bulgaria for one business day. Your entire visit from the moment you arrive in Bulgaria until the moment you leave can be organized by us. In this case all you have to do is to book your flights, then tell us which of our properties you want to visit. If you use our transport service (our car, driven by a reliable professional) for viewing trips from your hotel and around the local area, we charge 0.50 Euros per km to cover the petrol charges and wear costs of the vehicle. However, if you buy a property with us the viewing charge is fully refundable!

2). If for any reason you are not able to visit Bulgaria you can sign Power of Attorney in UK at Bulgarian Embassy or at a local Notary office and authorize me or somebody else in your choice to represent you and sign the deal on your behalf at the relevant Notary Public here in Bulgaria. Power of Attorney will be issued only for the purpose of buying property. The documents needed for the property's transfer will be prepared and sent to you.