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House near Lom

Ref : MO LO 11


20km to Lom

Price : Consult us

Details :

two level house near Lom

next to river It is a detached house built around 1960 on its plot. There are well tended gardens surrounding the house with grapes and small vegetable growing area. On the ground level there are 2 access door points’ and the building has two balconies with views over the area. The 2 access doors on the ground level’ are; on approach to the building through the main gate’ it leads to the main front doors’ which is a double door. The second access door is to the side off the car port” and the third access door” is at the rear of the building off the garden area. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible please drop me a line through email channels.

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