over 368 000 sqft Forest for sale

Ref : VD-FR-2



Price : Consult us

Details :

Huge forest plot for sale - size ~ 368 000 sq.ft. only 20 min. from Vidin 100% Freehold on land and trees, ready income. Ideal for campsite , caravan park or construction of log cabins, /no need permission/ next to the village. Road access. Clean environment free from industrial pollution!

Different set of reasons for buying a woodland . Perhaps it fulfills a long term dream of being a land-owner, and of caring for nature. Whether you’re a long-time city-dweller looking for a tranquil, holiday oasis, or a conservationist trying to take ownership of as much as possible ecological sites, buying this woodland can be an opportunity to share in some of the myriad benefits that come with owning your own plot amongst the trees, as well as a great financial investment.  It is an essential natural resource that there will never be any more of.  Forest is a finite asset that others will want when there isn’t any more available to buy. It is a world away from the glass and concrete cityscapes where we spend most of our hectic and increasingly digital lives .

So, by purchasing it, you’re putting yourself in a position that is advantageous long-term. This land ticks all the boxes for the in- demand woodlands tend.

- It is inexpensive to own woodland in Bulgaria as a long term investment; there are no bills to pay, it is tax free, so it can be a good place to hold cash for as long as you want/need.  Buying woodland is a “hands-off” investment.

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